Sheeter with shaftless unwinding stand and stacking by grippers

Sheeter with shaftless unwinding stand and stacking by grippers

Slitter and cross cutter with shaftless unwinding unit for jumbo
rolls and stacking by grippers

PASQUATO Sheeter LTM is suitable to cut Polycarbonate foil, from roll into large format sheets. The jumbo roll is held on shaftless unwinding stand, unwound with tension control and cut across with scissor action. The grippers allow the scratch free stacking of delicate sheets. Batch marking and easy handling of the pallet make this sheeter the perfect choice for a top level converting department.

  • Model: SHL + LTM
  • Unwinding stand with shaft
  • Pneumatic brake
  • TIDLAND shear knifes
  • Cross cutting blades with scissor action
  • Stacking by grippers
  • Self-lowering table for stacking large format sheets
  • Antistatic bar and air blower for helping the stacking
Max working width of the machine 1700 – 2100 – 2600 mm
Max diameter of the roll 1000 – 1500 mm
Max weight of the roll 3000 Kg
Min feeding length 500 mm
Max feeding length 4000 – 6000 mm
Max stacking height 600 – 1000 mm
Max stacking weight 3000 Kg

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