TR slitter rewinder with razor blades

TR slitter rewinder with razor blades

Slitter Rewinder and Sheeter

Slitting and rewinding machine for plastic materials

PASQUATO TR slitter rewinder with razor blades is designed for plastic materials, such as stationary PVC. The unwinding stand is equipped with a shaft that holds the roll as well as a pneumatic brake, which guarantees a good tension of the material. The TR with razor blades slits the web through razor blades in a grooved roll. There are two rewinding positions with two pneumatic friction shafts. The PASQUATO TR with razor blades is flexible, operator friendly and the perfect choice for any HF-welder, which wants to convert efficiently in house the PVC sourced by any dealer, without waiting for the delivery.  Slitter Rewinder and Sheeter

  • Model: TR with razor blades
  • One unwinding stand with shaft
  • Pneumatic brake
  • Razor blades in a grooved roll
  • Automatic web guide as option
  • Two rewinding positions with pneumatic friction shafts
  • Easy unloading of the parent rolls
Working width 1500 – 1700 mm
Max diameter of the mother roll 400 mm
Min slitting width 20 mm
Max weight of the mother roll 100 Kg
Max diameter of the parent roll 400 mm
Max weight of each parent rolls 100 Kg/shaft
Average rewinding speed 100 m/min

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