TR slitter rewinder with rotary knives

TR slitter rewinder with rotary knives

Slitting and rewinding machine with shear cut slitting technique by rotary knifes

The PASQUATO TR slitter rewinder is designed to slit and rewind many types of materials such as plastic foils, paper, adhesive, screen printing media, abrasive and magnetic. The key words of PASQUATO TR slitter rewinder are flexibility and operator friendliness. The TR meets the need of customers that are looking for a basic and flexible slitter rewinder to process more than one materials in the most cost-effective way. PASQUATO equips the TR with the right slitting technique according to the material properties. The slitting section is indeed the core of the PASQUATO TR. The unwinding and the rewinding sections can be customized according to specific requirements. PASQUATO assists its customers even after sale. Spare parts and service are always available upon request.

  • Model: TR with rotary knifes
  • One unwinding position with shaft
  • Pneumatic brake
  • Shear cut slitting technique by rotary knifes
  • Two rewinding positions with pneumatic friction shaft
  • Operator friendly unloading of the parent rolls
  • FIFE automatic web guide as option
Working width 1500 – 1700 mm
Max diameter of the mother roll 600 mm
Max weight of the mother roll 250 Kg
Max diameter of the parent roll 600 mm
Max parent rolls weight 120 Kg/shaft
Min slitting width 10 mm
Average rewinding speed 100 m/min

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