The assembly process of a book is called bookbinding. It is an antique artist craft that required many operations such as measuring, cutting, stacking and gluing a lot of paper sheets.

Before mechanisation, all these steps were handmade and nowadays only few hand binder guarded this art. However, despite the technological development has supported this trade, it is interesting to observe how the modern mass-production bookbinder have to face the same problems of the medieval craftsman, that are holding together, covering and protecting the pages and finally decorating the protective cover. Bubble wrap cutting machine.

Through our high – speed precision sheeters equipped with state-of-the-art cutting technologies, we ensure a top–performing first part of bookbinding process.
Pasquato is the only manufacturer of cloth cutters for bookbinding; the scissor action and the decurler bar are the essential components that allow you to get perfect sheets for the high speed hard-cover casemakers.
Imitation leather, coated PVC , embossed paper are cut to size with perfect accuracy and square.
Nowadays the cloth cutter is so called ” the pasquato” !

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