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Sheeters and slitter rewinders

PASQUATO is a manufacturer of sheeters and slitter rewinders for a wide range of materials. Founded in 1975, it manufactures roll to sheets and roll to rolls cutting machines.

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    Our Products


    Slitter and cross cutter to convert from roll into sheets materials such as:

    • PVC;
    • Polyester;
    • Polypropylene;
    • Polycarbonate;
    • Cloth;
    • Synthetic Leather;
    • Speciality Papers;
    • Materials for Stationery;
    • Prepreg;
    • Insulation Materials;
    • Screen Printing Media.


    The PASQUATO TR 15/600 is suitable to process a wide range of materials, such as:

    • PVC;
    • Vinyl;
    • Papers;
    • Plastic Foils;
    • Insulation Materials;
    • Magnetic PVC.

    Multiple slitting techniques are available. The material properties determine whether shear cut, razor blades, crush cut or axial clamping knives should be employed


    Our in-line sheeter enables cutting into sheets of web/foil downstream the extrusion/calender lines. It is suited to cut across PET, as well as rigid and thick PP and PVC. The cross cutting blades on the IN-LINE TE use the scissor action, which provides flexibility, reliability, ease of setting as well as durable sharpening.


    The slitting and cross cutting are the core of our machines. Custom solutions for unwinding and stacking processes are available.

    The Company

    Founded in 1975, Pasquato is a manufacturing Company which designs, develops and constructs high-speed precisions sheeters and slitter rewinders for a wide variety of materials used in industries such as plastics, bookbinding, packaging, photovoltaic, electronic and medical applications.


    Thanks to Lorenzo Pasquato’s idea and Paolo Bazza, who joined the company in 1989 as a business partner, nowadays Pasquato exports its machinery worldwide through a team of experienced agents. The internal sales department at Pasquato communicates daily with its foreign agents in order to keep customer requests. Such collaboration aims to further Pasquato’s ability to innovate and anticipate changing market conditions which are some of Pasquato’s most important tenets.

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