Pasquato’s provisions for COVID

Pasquato’s provisions for COVID

In accordance with the provisions of the law of 8 March 2020 concerning COVID-19, we confirm that Pasquato’s operating activities proceed regularly, without interruption.

Our Sales Department is still available to provide you with all the necessary information. Making demo test is still possible, since delivery of goods is not affected by restrictions! It is just matter of sending us a test roll, and we will take a demo video. Direct of the test and meetings with Skype is also possible.

As usual, we will continue to follow the evolution of the provisions by the Government, keeping you duly informed and updated.

Pasquato staff is taking all the necessary precautions and respecting the rules issued by the Ministry of Health. Our passion and dedication have not changed but increased in this difficult moment. We look to the future with confidence and optimism, aiming to keep supplying reliable machinery to support our Customers’ production processes.

Finally, we wish to thank all our Customers who sent us messages of closeness in these last days.