Electronic prepreg

Electronic prepreg

Nowadays everything has an electronic control where you can find a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

The electronic Prepreg is the basis material for the assembling of PCBs, which is a multilayer stack of Prepreg sheets, printed circuits on polyester and thin copper foil, all laminated together with hot presses.

Electronic Prepreg is a special fabric (usually Polyester) coated with special (usually epoxy) resin. It is rewound in rolls at the output of special coating lines, and then cut in sheets according to the size of the PCB that you have to laminate.

Pasquato can provide the PCB manufacturers and the Prepreg converters with state-of-the-arts sheeters for Prepreg.
The slitting and cross cutting with scissors action produces sheets of Prepreg with perfect quality of the edges in terms of fibres and dust.
The suction intakes and special stacking can increase dramatically the output of the converting department. Long lasting of the sharpening edges is the main features of the Pasquato – sheeters for Prepreg.

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