Plastic extrusion

In-line sheeting with extruder/calender

Nowadays the Polyester (PET), Polypropylene (PP), ABS and Polystyrene (PS) are very popular in the packaging industry.

They can be printed and die-cut very easily for the production of fancy packaging, boxes, cards, stationary goods etc.
The printing of these materials can be done with high-speed printing presses that accept input sheets possibly flat as the paper.
Unfortunately the plastic material is extruded, rewound in roll and then cooled down.

This causes a difference in tension between the two surfaces of the material and thus it gets curled.
The only way to avoid this issue is cutting the sheets in line with the extruder, therefore immediately after the extrusion process without any rewinding in roll.
For this application Pasquato has developed a special machine capable of:
• Cutting non-stop in line with the extruder with an extrusion-speed up to 60 m/min;
• Trimming of the web for a perfect squared sheets;
• High-stacking and non-stop pallet change.
All these features make our machine the Ferrari of the reciprocating cutting method!
Open structure and top-level electronic components make this machine easy for any customization, especially in terms of optimisation of the installation-space.

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