In-line sheeter with extrusion

Sheeter to cut downstream the extruder/calender the plastic foil/web

PASQUATO in-line sheeter TTS allows you to cut the web/plastic foil downstream the extrusion/calender line.

The Pasquato TTS is composed of three sections:

  1. Dancer rollers system;
  2. Feeding and cutting section;
  3. Stacking section.

The cross cutting blades on the Pasquato TTS use the scissor action, which provides flexibility, reliability, ease of setting as well as durable sharpening.

  • Model: TTS
  • Tension control through dancer rollers system
  • Cross cutting blades with scissor action
  • Heavy duty cross cutting system as option
  • Several custom stacking solutions available
Std working width: 1500 – 1700 – 2100- 2500 mm
Max cutting length: 9999 mm
Max stacking length: 1500 m
 Speed  20-60 m/min*
 *depending on the material properties