Slitter and cross cutter for electronic prepreg used by PCB manufactures

PASQUATO prepreg cutting machine. Sheeter for prepreg is designed to cut prepreg for PCB manufacture. The cross-cutting blades acts with scissor action that enables to cut materials with different thickness, guaranteeing a perfect cut in terms of accuracy and quality. The slitting technique adopted by the sheeter for prepreg is the shear cut through rotary knifes. This sheeter does not produce dust or fibers, which is typical issue among prepreg traders. The slitting and the cross cutting is the core of PASQUATO sheeters. The unwinding and the stacking units can be customized according to the needs of our Customers.
  • Model: TE for electronic prepreg
  • One unwinding stand with shaft
  • NIP roller driven by a servomotor
  • Pneumatic brake
  • Shear cut slitting technique by rotary knifes
  • Suction intakes of the prepreg dust
  • Cross-cutting blades with scissor action
  • Digitally operated pre-selection of cross-cutting length
  • Self lowering delivery table
  • Antistatic bar
  • Air blower
  • Safety photocell over the deliver area
Max  working width of the machine
1500 mm
Max diameter of  the roll 400 mm
Max weight of the roll 100 Kg
Feeding length 0- 9999 mm
Cutting speed (500 mm)  45 cuts/min

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