Slitter and cross cutter for bookbinding materials

The TE for bookbinding is a purpose-designed sheeter  to cut materials involved in the  bookbinding industry, such as cloth, synthetic leather, embossed paper, stationary materials.

This machine is equipped with cantilvered unwinding shaft to allow the operator to load small and light rolls easily and quickly.

The combined actions of the NIP rollers driven by a servomotor, the pneumatic brake as well as the decurler enable to achieve flat sheets

  • Model: TE for bookbinding
  • Unwinding stand with cantilevered or off-shaft
  • Decurler for materials on paper base
  • Shear cut slitting technique by rotary knifes
  • Retrieval rewind shaft for the unused width of the roll (as option)
  • Cross-cutting blades with scissor action
  • Digital setting of cross-cutting length
  • Self lowering delivery table
  • Antistatic bar and air blower
  • Safety photocell over the deliver area
  • Rewinding in rolls as option
  • A wide range of options are available
Working width 1500 mm
Max diameter of the roll 400 mm
Max weight of the roll 100 Kg
Feeding length 0-9999 mm
Cutting speed (500 mm) 45 cuts/min

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