Longitudinal and cross cutting process to convert roll in sheets

PASQUATO can customize the longitudinal (slitting) and the cross cutting process of the sheeter according to your needs. Pasquato sheeters for materials involved in the converting industry are equipped with shear rotating knifes, which allow to cut nearly any kind of materials. The gear servomotor controlled by an encoder unit feeds the web through the NIP roller, so providing a good tension that means high accuracy of the cuts.

  • Shear rotating knifes
  • Bottom slitting knifes
  • NIP roller driven by servomotor
  • Crosscutting blades with scissor action
  • Digital pre-selection of the crosscutting length
Max  working width of the machine 1500 – 1700 – 2100 – 2600mm
Min thickness of the material 0.1 rigid mm
Max thickness of the material 12 mm
Minimum slitting width 10 mm
Max cutting speed 60 m/min

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